MR-63 Project

The Mission

The mission of Project MR-63 is to enrich the cultural knowledge of citizens and tourists interested in Montréal’s culture by distributing, exhibiting, trying and distributing local and emerging arts and products to Montreal.


Become a cultural broadcaster with a unique sustainable building made of heritage metro wagons and wide-ranging online platforms that will increase interest in the actors of our three engines.


Equality of opportunity and intelligences, openness to the world, empathy, collaboration, respect, knowledge sharing, multiculturalism etc.

The Project

Project MR-63’s mission is to introduce products and local artists through an ever-changing experience. The café will be a gathering place where all the product served will change every month. Moreover, the products available for sale will be meticulously chosen, and employees will be trained in order to offer a service which will be honouring the attention given to the choice of products.On the second and third floors, an exhibition space will be built to promote the emerging creativity of artists. In order to do so, several thematic exhibitions will take place in addition to diverse activities partnering with festivals in Montreal.

Projet MR-63 Montréal
Projet MR-63 Montréal
MR-63 Project Montreal


On the occasion of the subway car delivery, the MR-63 project will retrieve eight cars and build a multi-level facility to host an arts venue and a café. Originally, the MR-63 is a commemorative memorial sculpture that highlights this icon that Montrealers identify so strongly, but it will also become an ode to our city when it became a metropolis.


The aim of the Creative Space is to highlight Montreal’s creativity with a combination of monthly exhibition and collaboration with other local events and artistic festivals. To succeed in the mission of spreading artistic culture, employees will act as guides of the artists. Moreover, to cement the collaboration in the artistic scene, they will refer the users toward different galleries or artistic places in Montreal so that they can continue on their experience.


The suppliers of the product sold in the café will be chosen for being innovative and local. They will change every month to showcase as much culinary creators as possible. Those gastronomy artist will be well represented by their products’ side and all the employe will be trained to describe them as loyally as possible so that they are fully recognized. Certified fairtrade and organic products to eat/drink in or take away will be offered.