Review of 2016

MR-63 Project Montreal

We are pleased to share with you our assessment of the year 2016. After three and a half years of working in the shadow and personally networking with people, on July 14th, we officially went public in the medias. Together with Mayor Dorais, we publicly demonstrated our firm’s intention to cooperate in order to implement Project MR-63 in the South West Borough. At that same press conference, Damien Silès, director of the new Innovation Quarter (QI), publicly affirmed that the QI firmly supported the project, and that such a Montreal icon of ambition and audacity ought to be located in the QI. Finally, Antonin Labossière, senior partner of the architectural firm Rayside Labossière, recalled that although the structure was unusual, nothing was impossible in terms of the technical challenges and that our team already had solutions for any issues raised by the STM. More than 20 media appearances, including 2 live TV interviews and 3 live radio interviews, were the result of this announcement.

On October 14, the STM announced that it officially bequeathed the metro cars to Project MR-63, which it described as a signature project. With this announcement, Project MR-63 was again featured in over 35 media across Canada, Taiwan and China. In addition to the visibility gained from the many conferences the project has held and the numerous competitions it has won, MR-63 is quietly positioning itself as the must-have icon for Montreal. This is also the observation of several key stakeholders, such as Isabelle Gautrin, Political Advisor to Dominique Anglade, Monique Vallée, Member of the Executive of Mayor Coderre, Manon Massé, Deputee of Sainte-Marie Sainte Anne, the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement, and the CSN. More recently, we have acquired the title of Projet Je Fais Montréal.

In brief, the project has achieved to attain many people and companies, and has reached its milestones in a record time. The next steps will be to have a more public image in early 2017 and then launch a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign will allow us to obtain the funds to pay for our first research expenses, as well as demonstrate our ability to draw public attention to the causes that we believe are important:

  • Linking Montréal’s history with its future;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Visibility and appreciation of emerging artists;
  • Recognition of products from local suppliers;
  • Social entrepreneurship.

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